Linux stuff, hacks and tips. Written down here to not forget them, maybe they are of use to others as well.

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GPS data conversion: gpx to kml

gpx files from Sport Tracker and google maps imports only kml, so:

$ for f in *.gpx; do gpsbabel -i gpx -f "$f" -o kml -F $(basename "$f" .gpx).kml || break; done

Send patches to Linux kernel mailing list with automatic Cc: list from

If a patch series touches a number of kernel subsystems, it is not easy to find the correct maintainers and mailing lists where to send the patches. As several online sources show, can be combined with git send-email to fill in the Cc: list automatically based on the Linux kernel MAINTAINERS file:

$ mkdir temp
# prepare patches with version in title:
$ git format-patch --subject-prefix="PATCH v01" --cover-letter -o temp/ origin/master..
# edit the cover letter 0000 patch to include overview of changes and possible patch set revision details
$ vi temp/0000-*
# test and verify git send-email command with --dry-run so that To: and Cc: recipients look correct:
$ git send-email --dry-run --to --cc-cmd="./scripts/ --no-rolestats" temp/00*
# send the patch series to Linux kernel mailing list (lkml) and Cc: maintainers and mailing lists according to
# MAINTAINERS file with
$ git send-email --to --cc-cmd="./scripts/ --no-rolestats" temp/00*


Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016: Yocto based CI for a large automotive project


"Cars these days are shipped with a lot of software, and some of them are based on Linux and Yocto Project. In this talk, Mario Domenech Goulart and Mikko Rapeli explain some of the solutions and challenges of setting up and running a Continuous Integration and Testing system in a large automotive development project based on Yocto Project. The talk will cover aspects like source code management, SDK, multiphase CI, Jenkins, Yocto Project build tuning and test automation."