Backflips 2021

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About 20 years ago, like any freestyle skier, I wanted to learn backflips on skis. I did them on trampolines but wanted to learn them on skis. I though they were hard and went to the Nurmes water ramps in Finland to practice. Turns out backflips and frontflips are easy. Just takes a bit of balls and good speed on kickers to pull them off. Next winter I was doing them on skis. As years go by, I want to keep doing some of the freestyle and newschool tricks I've learned in the past. It would be very easy to let go and forget them but I want to challenge myself both mentally and physically. On a trampoline without skis, a backflip is so easy to do. It isn't really much harder on snow with skis. Just takes a decent kicker and proper speed and do it. If one has some basic fitnes, like I do, the challenge is mostly a mental one. Yes, I'm not very good with technique and I don't fully jump and extend my body out, but I can still do it. Last season I didn't, as season ended early for obvious reasons, but this season I've now done 360's in both directions, left 540's, left 720's and now backflips too. Maybe I can still do these when I'm 50 and older? Lets see..

Before first backflip, I warmed up properly and did a few speed checks to jump and fly from takeoff to the steep landing area. Then mental practice: thinking and imagining the approach towards kicker, the takeoff, the landing and whole thing multiple times with eyes closed. Finally the real thing. I'm really nervous but I know I still can do it. Even if I fail, landing belly first on snow isn't too bad, and over rotation is also relatively easy to fix by opening up more. I hired my kids to film the show, #dadflexin #iskäflexaa.

After 5-7 jumps on the small kicker, I was confident enough the next day to put first tracks on the kicker in nice morning sunshine:

Why do I record and publish these? Well, for myself as log entries. Maybe I'll also inspire others to push and try things out at 40+. Yea, I'm proud I still can do this at 44. Feels good!