Bye, bye summer. You were nice. Not too hot, enough sun. Will miss you though I hardly saw you from the windowless office.

Hello, autumn. You always bring so much fresh cold air. And some rain. Well I don't mind in that office. But the dark evenings and nigths are a bless for anyone working the late sift on a computer.


That's me. I'm just editing the short ski film about my winter. Two months in Verbier, Ch. Remember?

But please bring the snow in late October. Those late October and all weekends in November would be so much nicer with some pow.

And I saw a glimpse of winter behind those trees. It was only +5 centigrade that morning at 06:15 when I was hurrying to the gym. Yes, I've been going there 3-4 times a week for over two months now. Thanks, it does feel great. And actually the early wakeups are a bless, I have so much more energy to take the kids to their day care places and work the whole day. Well, I need some protein bars in the afternoon but other than that I'm in so good shape. Almost at the level of my physical peak where I was maybe 15 years ago when there was just studying and freestyle skiing in my life.

I've been active with music as well. Playing and jamming a bunch. Though on my own. The band mates are back for trainings but I need to work on the music for the film. By my self. The mics, mixer, guitar effect box and a vocal effect box help a lot. They make it easy to play with sounds and to relax with the equipment. All this with headphones on. No, I'm not good at it but I will do my best to get this video project done with our own music.

Do I have plans for the winter? Actually I don't. I've trained as hard as ever and have four vacation weeks left all for winter, and maybe one more if I really need it. If my friends have have plans, I'm pretty sure I'm all in. Budget is not big but this time the family is left behind. Well, they actually just came back from the summer cabin so they've had their share of vacations. It is looking good.

Thanks for listening, I'll head down to the editing desk again. Maybe I will have a trailer up in a month. Or two. It will be done when I get to it. Take care.