Happy new year!

Before Verbier I did my last ski turns in Finland. Iso-Syöte was the place and sofar the coldest day of the year. Spent two hours with our three year old in -22 C, luckily it was only -18.5 at the top. Then one last run in Iso-Syöte Freeride zone, and of course hit a rock. Nothing bad though, just surface scratches, and frozen feet. Driving back to Oulu I saw -25 to -30 C weather and car wasn't that warm.

Now to some ice skating. Just before Xmas I bought my first pair of ice skates in 20 years. Skating is fun, especially with the kids. One thing is funny though: skating backwards is more fun than normal forward skating. I have the same problem on normal prepared slopes with skis on. Too much new schooling I think.