All my friends already know this but I'll let the rest of the world know too: our video project is progressing well.

The concept is interesting, well to me at least: film a ski video during couple of months in Verbier, create music with my band Lääväsimpukat and a few other fellow hobbyist musicians, edit a short ski video with our own music on the sound track, show the video to a friendly audience while playing the sound track live some time later this year.

So there it is. Saying it out loud hopefully makes it happen as planned too, though it is going to be hard work. But fun and an interesting process.

Progress so far:

  • video material shot in Verbier Jan to Feb 2010, 100% done, naturally overshot the budget with whole family on vacation for two months but Visa bills have been paid now, finally
  • write songs and lyrics, maybe 80% done
  • produce the songs with Lääväsimpukat and other friends, maybe 20% done
  • go through videos and tag good clips, 90% done
  • edit the video with a rough demo sound track, maybe 5% done
  • set live performance dates and deadlines, 0% done
  • reserve some auditorio/bar/small stage for the event, 0% done
  • setup the event and after party, maybe get some sponsors, 0% done

Quite a lot has been done but I'm sure alot more needs to be done. I have and will be bothering all my friends sooner or later about the subject, so you're warned :)

Just came from a band rehearsal where we recorded one song which is good enough to be used as audio track while editing. Now two songs are at the demo stage. And all video material has been processed to work well with the kdenlive editor I use.

Oh, so far the video project has no name. If you have good idea, I'm all ears. Or emails would propably be a better medium these days.