Treeride world champs, Metsälaskun MM-kisat in Finnish. This time they were held in Tamokdalen, Norway. Perfect location I would say. Snow wasn't perfect but weather was, that's enough.

Download the video.

Results might arrive somewhere when Tamokdalen runs out of kerosene, but I wouldn't count on it. Ape Majava was the mens winner though Torkel Karoliussen did a ghost run in the trees in 1 min 20 sec. That was 18 seconds faster than the second fastest Juha Hautsalo. Too bad my camera was pointing somewhere else at the time.

Personally I did the best I could: treeride in just under two minutes and freeride with two drops and no tumbles (though missed/gave up on the third drop). Overall there were over fifty competitors so the day was long for everyone. A very nice event anyway.