My seven weeks in Verbier are now over and I'm safely back in Oulu, Flatland.

When taking other family members to the Geneve airport I ran into non other than Kaj Zackrisson. Long blonde dreadlocks and Salomon Ghost ski boots hanging by the neck were kind of easy spot in the crowd. Being a big fan I had to exchange a few words. Too bad I was missing a camera and a pen for an autograph so all evidence of this life shaking incident are lost :) It is not often that I'm star baffled these days but as I've followed Kajs films, Freeski TV segments, blog and even seen him compete in Chamonix, it was really odd to see this rock star freeskier face to face.

After Geneve I steared the car towards north and had little smile for the next thousand kilometers. Smile wore off during the three day 2800 km ride though. Driving from Switzerland to Germany with an average of 105 km/h was fun. I stayed over for the night in a road side motel close to the Snow Dome. Too bad the place is open from 12 to 21 during week days so I didn't have time to ski in it the following morning. The drive continued through very snowy Denmark and Sweden with 102 km/h. Snow conditions were good in Finland side too but roads weren't that fast anymore which sucks big time after two days and 2000 km of driving. Last 600 km took as much as time as the previous 1000 km.

Anyway, now it is dumping some powder in Oulu, as it apparently has been doing for the past few months, so maybe I'll visit the home resort soon.