It's done. Finished. Snögötti, loska ja dumppi (Minced snow, wet snow and a dump of snow, rough translation to English) is a shortfilm by me and a group of fellow skiers from Finland who spent last Jan to March 2010 in Verbier. We're grownups -- maybe not adults -- with families and all so the ski bum life is not trivial to arrange. During the stay in Verbier we hiked, skied and filmed the best we could, and I edited the material into a shortfilm. To top it off, I composed some music and made up some lyrics -- in Finnish, sorry -- about things like keyboard skiers, fear of avalanches and snow and its various names in Finnish. Then I took the music to my band mates and a fellow skier with drumming capabilities. We rehearsed some and eventually played and recorded the music live together with the film in a fully booked Valvesali theater on Oct 12th 2010 in Oulu, Finland. So, please enjoy this little film. If you don't, well tuff luck. We're hobbyists in skiing, music and film and video editing. Professionals get paid, we don't.

Now I'm going to let go of the editing tools and computers for a while. Season 2010/2011 is about to begin, maybe this weekend in Ruka.

Let it snow, let it snow.