A week ago on the north face of the Rusko landfill, the biggest hill in Oulu region, was again time for Paskakukkulan kuningas (King of Shit hill in English) organized by YKHS.

Nice soft snow on the northern side but snow mobile riders had been trashing the slope so quite a few lines were broken with 60 cm deep trails. Those bastards. Anyway, lots of people turned up and sun was up. Even a small kicker got built. Fun times in Flatland.


The hill.


The kicker.


Santtu was there too.

Maybe someone knows who got crowned king and queen?

Back in the day when I was organizing it we made sure that results and some photos and videos were available afterwards. But I'm not complaining if the event starts living on its own. It's very nice to have started something, like being part of history. I hope my other idea will have a long life too.