Novemberski 2011

Here's my skiing update from November 2011, a bit late but there are reasons. In a slightly unexpected move I have started working for the old rubber boot manufacturer and moved to the town of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg. One of the reason is visible on a clear day from my office window when the snow covered peaks are visible in the southern horizon. Just two hours away are the Alps and Tirol.

Beginning of October saw the first snow dump of the season. We were there to ski it but since then a cold and sunny climate was strong. It was not that bad since there was some snow on the glaciers and weather was great -- at least in the Alps. Ulm is famous for its mist which comes in during high pressure times. And may stay around for weeks.

During the sunny season I got spend my first full day in a ski park in five years. I've managed to do some kicker runs every once in a while to keep some tricks working but a full day of pro line kickers with 15 meters between takeoff and landing, that was special. Also, since we got quite familiar with the glacier resorts during early season, we know pretty well what to do when low pressure systems dump some snow. It's nice to do first tracks on obvious off piste routes.



So November and December were dry to start with, but since then the Alps have truly seen a lot of snow. More stories to come...

If anyone likes to ski powder, head to the Alps now! Cheers,