X-mas is soon over, last few days to finish up work stuff, and then the real X-mas begins: January and February in The boys will drive and gals and children will fly in soon after. There hasn't really been too much time for skiing this December, but that will change.

Verbier has seen some snow and more is coming every day, but hopefully the base will get hard too. I really want a playfield with some 20-30 cm of pow and no fear of rocks or major slides. That for a mellow seven weeks.

Since packing time starts soon, I may as well list my tools of choise:

  • K2 Hellbents, 189cm, with Marker Jesters, some old Exel 110cm sticks
  • FullTilt Konflicts with tons of spare buckles
  • helmet, back protection, hit pants, old but trusty 40 liter backpack, camelback
  • my McFrisk branded custom made ski suite
  • avy gear, skins, BCA Alpine treckers
  • Panasonic FZ28 light super-zoom camera with 720p video
  • GoPro HD hero helmet camera, shoots good 720p at 60 fps
  • couple of 16 GB sd cards for the cameras
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T60 with Debian GNU/Linux ready for video editing with Kdenlive and photo editing with Gimp, oh and the new Samsung SSD disk made it fast too, one USB cradle for an extra disk for backups and storage
  • diesel Golf Variant, big box for skis
  • night ferry from Naantali (FIN) to Kappelskär (SE)
  • wife, couple of kids, flying with Air Baltic from Oulu (FI) to Geneve (CH), propably train from Geneve to Verbier
  • powder, powder, sun

Gah, better stop or get directly to packing. Brb.