After careful inspection of weather charts in 15 minutes after 10 pm I decided to try out Kössen last Sunday. Weather was cold and there was around 30 cm of fresh snow, though easy access areas were quite tracked on Sunday. Saturday must have been good.

Forests are a bit too tight but there are a few openings coming down next to the pistes and under the condola.


There are some nice steep sections between the slopes at the top.


Main resort is facing north with a few east side slope at the top. Bot sides of the resort look nice at the top but seem to end up in deep gullies and cliffs, too bad. With a map and some company the west side could be doable. Surrounding hills look ok for short ski tours. The place is only one hour away from Münich, on good traffic which means not on Saturday.

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After a bit of cold my legs were not in the game anymore so I went back down town for a bicycle ride, and saw these dudes in action. Always so cool so see them sessioning.


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