Iso-Syöte off piste basics

In the beginning of March I spent one week again in my old home ski resort Iso-Syöte. Since I went through the basic treeride (metsälasku or mettälasku) off piste runs with my kids I might as well share some of them here.

Freeride Park

A primavista run without any condition checks. Just plain charging into the zone while kids were enjoying a proper ski instructor. Hi Heidi!


Linja, or the line in English, is located in the skiers left of the back piste nro 8 and 15 which is the Freeride Park. Ski towards piste 8 from the back lift, then traverse through forest to the cross country ski track and follow it until it turns steeper downhill and on the line starts from skiers right. Road at the bottom takes back to the ski lift next to the old cross country ski stadium.

Tree runs

Tree runs, in Finnish mettäreitit, can be found everywhere in Iso-Syöte. Unlike in the Alps, forest is not a special place and skiing there is not forbidden. Just be careful and teach back country basics to the kids: don't go alone!


Pytkynharju is a hut village on the road from Pudasjärvi to Iso-Syöte. Maybe 5 km before Iso-Syöte the road goes over a steep hill and turn and on the North side is the crossing to the hut village where second road to the left brings you to a lake and a nice skiable hill. No lifts but hiking is fun! Do a few runs here in powder time before driving back to Oulu!

That's it.