Gerlos, Gerlos

So Münich received a nice soft blanket of snow during the week, but how were the mountains?

Saturday Jan 19th 2013 in Gerlos

Good morning, Sun!


Plenty of Finns on a chu-chuu train to the goods.


And the goods were good.

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Juha L took a shot of the ugly photographer who compensates the pretty skiing pictures.


This nice tunnel takes from the Gerlos tree runs back to the lifts.


Next target requires a bit more sweat. First shot by Juha L.

img img

But it is worth the sweat.

img img img img img img img img img img img

Thanks to Juha L. I also get to be (a Teletubby) in front of the camera.

img img img img img img img

All smiles :) . Tracks on the left side are ours.


Appre Ski!

img img

Juha B, checking the weather while others play with magnets. Good way to end the day!


Sunday Jan 20th 2013 in Gerlos

Same places but slightly different routes. All boys this time and the weather has changed to gray skies. In Zillertal Arena the snow was cold but on Gerlos side the temperatures had risen up. The sun came out in the afternoon for few moments and wind was quite strong at times.

Juha B's turn to ski.

img img img img

Juha L. put the heels down for today.

img img img img

Juha L. managed to capture my small cliff drop which I decided to hit just five seconds before taking off. The powder landing was really nice.


That was it. Thank you Gerlos.


Sequence/action/moving object panorama instructions

Note to self about the photo above:

Sequential photos were stitched into a panorama with Hugin. Due to noise the reference points were set by hand for each image pair. The moving target was then masked in where needed. White balance compensation helped a lot since the masked out parts had different snow colors in the originals. Final touch was to edit curves and colors in Gimp.

Old instructions and examples for reference.