Iltalehti, 27 Feb 2010 amongst other media in Finland have been bringing the news that tens of people have hurt them selves while dropping snow from roofs without proper safety equipment.

So if you have a load of snow on top of your building, you should do this before the weather and snow warms up.

Download link for Droppin' some snow. Here's Dick Kam's album for those interested in the sound track.

So there you go, biatches. At least put on some skis, al' yea? Hollaa! Boom!

A week and a half ago I spend a day in Iso-Syöte. It had dumped a lot of snow in Oulu but weather warmed up a bit too much. So it was a wet snow day over a hard base. Not powder like I hoped. And the hill is so small compared to the real mountains. Here's what Iso-Syöte looks like on a topo map, lifts and slopes are on the east and north side of the hill and the north-western side has the best 'off-pist' lines:

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After hitting that little roof last Saturday, we also visited Ylläs. It's the biggest hill in Finland with a ski lift. There's even a gondola! But weather brought us wind packed and hard snow, wind and a fog to the top. Nice, not. But I had fun hitting the Länsiraja woods, they are on the southern tip of the hill. Lifts and slopes are again to the east and north of the hill, and here's a topo map:

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The topo maps are nice to look at. By looking at the lines you ski on the map you start to see a lot of potential routes in there. Well, the rocks and cliffs aren't on Googles maps but the steep sections clearly stand out. So start looking at the maps, ok?