band at rehearsal

Band Members

Singer & guitar: Mikko Rapeli Keyboard: Hannes Romppainen Drums: Kari-Pekka Heikkinen Bass: Tero Takalo

Lääväsimpukat acapella group picture

Based on Lääväsimpukat

3/4 of Moist Onion were singing acapella music as Lääväsimpukat with funny style in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, until Kimmo went away (to Norway). Re-union happened in 2021 in Trondheim, Norway.

Band in a garage

Garage band

Post Lääväsimpukat, Mikko, Hannes and KP played with instruments, irregularly. In 2020 Mikko showed up with a bunch of songs. In 2021 KP said lets record them. Early recordings and song arrangements were done in a garage.

Proper practice space

Hannes and old friend Tero got us a better practice place. Tero wanted to play the bass with us, sure!

Proper band setup

A lot of practicing and the place got hot (in Summer, not because of our music). Songs get rearranged to suite full band, electronic drums get upgraded, recording setup gets small tweaks, Mikko brings his own guitar from Germany and finally buys his own amp. Hannes buys more keyboards. Tero has everything and more. KP looses all sticks.


Success is inevitable. Recordings will be done, one day. Juho aka Njhs will fix our timings and find the magic[tm] with autotune! There will be a gig. Somewhere. Someday.