No updates to this blog in a while. Work and family life have been busy and time for skiing or video editing scarce. In a month I will be changing scenery to another country and to another job. Will see if I get to do some glacier skiing this summer.

Back in the end of March 2011 treeride world championships were again held in Tamok, Norway. A proper Freeride World Tour Qualifier event was organized a few days later so the big guns were not attending, and I won. I'm now the second treeride world champion in my family. My little brother Jaakko was the champ in 2008 and now I'm the latest in 2011. I'm pretty proud of my freeride run in the competition with solid and safe skiing with three hucks and enough speed. The actual tree run was a really small sprint so I got to the finish faster than I can spell some norwegian words. Unfortunately I did not capture my competition runs on film (if anyone did, please show me the footage), but the winning price was some heli skiing time as this video shows. Enjoy.


Download the video.

This video took some time to finish. First my editor kdenlive setup was broken until I created a Debian squeeze chroot to run it on a Debian unstable laptop. After that hack and few late nights later the basic video was edited but color correction with levels effect and stabilizer runs took some post processing time. Stabilizer has some issues with the low contrast background like snow or clear blue skies, and the filler isn't really any good but now I'm aware of it and can adjust that while filming new footage.

Now back to work and organizing my move...